Single Family Home Inspections


(Regardless of age or size up to 3500 sq ft.)



(Same items are inspected as a single family home except exterior items are not included)

Duplex Inspection


(Same items are inspected as single family)

Triplex Inspection


(Same items are inspected as single family)

Radon Testing


(Make sure the Radon levels in your new home are SAFE!)

Sewer Scope


(comes with recorded thumb drive; this service is provided in and around the Twin Cities area)

11-month New Home Warranty Inspection


(You have one chance to get the issues in your new home fixed under 1-year New Home warranty miss anything!)

New Construction Inspections

starting at $300

(3 Inspections Pre-Insulation, Pre-Drywall & Final)

Asbestos Testing


(with Home Inspection)

Lead Paint Testing with Home Inspection


Lead Paint Testing without Home Inspection


Mold Testing with Home Inspection

starting at $195

Mold Testing Without Home Inspection

starting at $295

All Outbuildings are Extra

( Call Bottom Line Inspections for pricing)